Green IT is a Business Continuity Service Provider across New Zealand

Green IT is a Business that provides a variety of services to clients across New Zealand. We work to protect IT Systems and minimize system downtime for our clients, thereby protecting their bottom line and the future of their business. We currently manage business continuity solutions for our clients throughout New Zealand. We work to embrace emerging technology that will fit and exceed the needs of our clients.




It happens when you least expect it. Weather patterns have changed and natural disasters occur more frequently. Having a business continuity plan to protect your business against Mother Nature is no longer an option. To save your business from costly downtime and an unproductive work force you need to have a continuity plan in place, that is where we come in.


Cyber hacking has become a reality in the IT world today and criminals target companies of all sizes. Statistics show, that small-medium businesses are the targets that are sought out by hackers, since they tend to have less internet facing protection. The Business continuity plans we offer ensure you have control of your data, not some hacker.


Human error accounts for about 33% of data loss. There are both the intentional and unintentional deleting of files, administration errors, and added to this there is the possibility of lost or damaged hardware. Companies that rely on an “Always On” data access model, will benefit from having the right business continuity plan to ensure data is always accessible.


The failure of hardware accounts for the majority of data loss. CPU, Hard drives, Memory, as well as all the internal workings of your IT System are prone to break and fail. Having a solid business continuity plan is an insurance policy that keeps your business running when all else fails.


With the increase of Cyber-attacks around the world, it is important to protect your IT systems from all the ransomware variants that hackers use to exploit various IT systems. With the correct business continuity plan in place, sophisticated ransomware attacks like Petya, WannaCry or other Ransomware variants, will not hold your business to ransom. If Hackers take advantage of any exploits that might appear, you will be able to access your systems and restore your data to a time before the attack, thereby saving you from having to pay the Ransom to get your systems back.

Experience has shown that a great formula for business continuity today, is a combination of on-site and off-site backup protection. Utilizing this hybrid solution improves fault tolerance, whilst it reduces the reliance on bandwidth and internet speed. The local backup device acts as a restore unit for everything, from server failover to restoring applications or files. If the local device should be compromised, data transferred to the Cloud Server will act as a replica of your site, and the business will continue to run. Therefore, it is critical that businesses today, employ a hybrid Cloud Backup solution to ensure their data integrity is maintained in the event of a disaster or any other interruption should occur.

An image based backup takes an actual image of the entire server, either virtual or physical, which then allows for the entire system or files/folders to be restored very quickly. In the event of a server failure, the image backup can be restored as a virtual machine within minutes, with virtually no interruption to the business, employees or clients. So the image based backup means faster file restores, bare metal restores, boot any backup as a virtual machine and run virtual offices locally or from the Cloud backup solution.

Backups are pointless if they cannot be restored. The backup solution we offer, will not only send you notification of a successful backups, the technology we use will virtualize each backup that is taken and turn this into a virtual machine. Once this is done, it then takes a “screenshot” and lets you know whether or not each backup is in a state that can be restored at any time. This technology also identifies any bootability issues in advance, which can then be fixed, so that you will not receive any “surprises” during a disaster recovery.


Green IT is a Business Continuity Service Provider in Auckland, New Zealand